Thursday, 14 June 2012

Vintage advertising - Painkillers

More, somewhat bizarre, vintage magazine ads, this time for painkillers and medicines...

Yes, ladies, that's right, war won't wait on "woman's weakness" (!!)

"such comfort" "freedom from pain"

Vincent's APC apparently cures a myriad of things - not sure about the "four horses jumping in unison" reference though ???

Hmmm, Summer headaches - reach for Vincents again

Ah, they knew penguins were cute even back in the 40s, not sure about the name of the product though!

And these just take the biscuit, I use Andrews salts myself, but certainly not for "inner cleanliness" (indigestion more like!)

soooo funny!

Hmm, so all you have to do to stay young and attractive as long as possible is to take magic liver salts!  Woo Hoo! x


  1. haha these are so great! i love the ak tablets and their argument that they cost so little! i am sure they did cost very little. yea the horse thing is weird, i don't understand it either nor can i even try to. the liver salt though is the best! i hate liver so that product would not be for me even if it did magically make me younger! so you drink it? oh man it just sounds horrid! salty liver...yum!!! hahahaha

    1. hee hee, thankfully they're not made from liver (at least they're not now!), but you take them to help the liver :) but still sooo weird xox


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