Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Collecting - vinyl (Hubby)

Ok, so this isn't my collection, this one is Hubby's.

He LOVES music and records specifically.  He'd already started his collection in the 80s, long before I met him; however since we've been together over the last 18 years his collection has multiplied by 6 times at least.  I encourage it - it's something he loves and it brings him such joy, to me that's enough.

Many of his buys are charity shop finds, some are 'hand-me-downs' from friends who no longer want their records, and then there's the wonderful fact that slowly more and more record companies are putting out new albums on vinyl too, hurrah.

His storage space is on our top landing, in an Ikea expedit shelving unit/room divider.  Which is now about full!  I have some space in it too, I have a budgeoning collection of movie soundtracks, and also some wonderful vintage jazz.

We definitely need to have a rethink on the storage! x


  1. tom would love to have something like this! actually he would love a entire room to be filled in vinyl! very jealous of your collection. i am sure there are many many many good ones in there! wish i could browse!

    1. hee hee, a room full would be awesome! If we ever move house again I'm sure Hubby'll push for that too :D xox


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