Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Independent Shops - Part 2

Friday was another trip into the city (obstensibly for a haircut); however it also meant visits to another couple of great independent shops.

Rockaboom is a record shop that I've mentioned in the past.  It's really Leicester's last surviving independent record shop, and has plenty of new-release vinyl on sale (& some second-hand), making it a must stop-off for Hubby who never comes away from a city visit without a trademark Rockaboom bag in his hand.

They've been about since the mid 80's (I believe), and Hubby always has a chat with the owner Carl about music they're playing and selling.  They also sell plenty of cds and local concert tickets too.  All in all a friendly, well-stocked (if they haven't got it, they'll try to get it for you) record shop that we hope will always be there!

The other independent shop is just a few steps away from Rockaboom, on Hotel Street you'll find Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe...

This wonderful, tiny shop hasn't changed much from when I was a child - you can still buy deliciously vintage sweets (rosy apples, rubarb & custards, pinapple chunks, pear drops, etc, etc), and still ask for them the way you used to "I've have a quarter of..." and the person behind the counter will get down the large jar of sweets & measure them out into a scale then pop them into a small white paper bag.  Nostalgia galore people!

Once again, long may they reign! x


  1. the sweet shop sounds amazing! i wish we had something like that here, boy i wish we had cool mom & pop stores but this town isn't really like that :( enjoy them for me!


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