Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rain Rain Rain

Yes, it continues to rain pretty much every day in the UK :(

Floods are everywhere, and despite having 250% (!!!) more rain than average, and more rain in certain months since records began (!!!), some companies have only just lifted their hosepipe bans! Typical Britain really :D

Living in the UK you'd think we'd be used to rubbish weather, but you know, we NEVER are!  We talk about it all the time, because it has such an impact on us, usually going from one extreme to another, and these days often at full tilt without the usual Seasons the way they were when we were kids.  It can ruin the best-laid-plans, and stop some plans altogether - just think of all those things that are dependent on the weather.

These things come in cycles I know, but seriously, someone up there needs to turn that tap off, fix that leak, come on, please.  It's getting out of hand and so many people have lost so much, even lives have been tragically lost!

We're even now getting explanations on the news and radio as to why the rain keeps coming (I found this one interesting - that darn jet stream).

Things can always be worse (and are worse in so many places we know), but I'm hoping that perhaps the weather will start to get better soon, and it'll perhaps cheer people up too. x


  1. the weather has been so crazy! in the states in the east coast there was a crazy dry storm and it left millions of people without power for a week. i can't believe how rainy it has been for you this year. i hope it turns off soon too so you can enjoy the rest of your summer. do you have plans to maybe escape them?

    1. yikes! it seems to be nuts everywhere this year! we've got a few more trips to Suffolk booked, but whether we'll outrun the rain? still, we'll enjoy it no matter what :) xox

  2. I hope the rain stops soon! Here in the south in the States it has been unbearably hot with no rain!

    1. thanks Em, me too. Perhaps we could send some of it your way? xx


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