Monday, 2 July 2012

Sunny Suffolk (at last)

It was another trip to Suffolk this weekend and finally the sun shone! 

We'd had the most horrific thunderstorm Thursday afternoon, seriously scary how much rain fell in such a short space of time & huge hail stones, in some places there was terrible flooding.  Thankfully it was all over by the time we set off and luckily our journey was flood free!

When we arrived we took a twilight walk with Dusty, it was beautiful, though very humid...

With the weather on our side I was finally able to wear a couple of my new summer dresses

flowers & birds
Friday was full of charity shopping & trips around the towns and lots of walks, and Hubby found lots of vinyl (more of that later).  It was sunny and very windy...

Saturday I visited a Vintage Vogue Bazaar in a nearby village, sadly there wasn't much there for me this time, but I did come away with a few habadashery bits.  We did more charity shopping & walking, then spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine with Dusty who was loving the breeze...

enjoying one of my books (Kate Spades "Style") in another summer dress

Dusty in a rare moment of relaxing - he just loves the caravan park, it's full of rabbits & pigeons so plenty to sniff out!

This is one of my most favourite cottages in a nearby village - isn't it just so perfect! (and right opposite one of Hubby's favourite record shops).  The roses were a mix of coral, pink and cream, even more beautiful than the photo shows...

and this one is another favourite of ours, just down the beach from us with great views...

Such a wonderful weekend of gorgeous sunshine, lovely walks, fab finds & fun. x


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Wish i could say the same about mine. Still recovering from being sick and had to go in casue im poor :(

    1. oh no! I just read about yours, so sorry it wasn't what you'd hoped. Hope you feel better soon sweetie! xox


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