Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sunny Suffolk finds

We brought home more great finds from the weekend in Suffolk.  At the vintage bazaar I got lots of vintage buttons and some beads at 50p a bag :)

I also found a lovely pink glass vase (with its flower frog which is unusual to find) and some glass jelly moulds

also some glass decanters & jars (which I plan to use for Christmas pressies with a bit of a twist - I'll explain nearer the time)

And some books, PG Woodehouse and Jane Austen audio & another Agatha Christie paperback (to add to the collection)

And Hubby came away with LOADS of lovely vinyl, especially great when most were between 25p - £1

he even found a few for me, I LOVE my jazz & these two below are awesome - we took the LP-to-go so got to listen to them whilst at the caravan which was so cool - and I take back what I said about the speaker not being great, in a caravan it sounds fantastic (must be those 10foot high ceilings that made it not so great) - I cannot recommend it enough for a travelling record player!

and we also found these great language LPs from the 1960s :)

Another great weekend of charity shop finds, keep them coming please. x


  1. yay gladys knight! she is amazing! i love the french vinyl that must be so much fun to listen to! maybe i should have tom look out for something like that, he is always the one thumbing through the vinyl at the thrift stores. that would be so much fun!

    1. :D Gladys is amazing - I love the episode of Man versus Food when he visits her son's restaurant and she's the cook! It's amazing what you can find - I love it when hubby finds cool stuff like that :) xox


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