Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Time off

Hubby and I are currently enjoying the first of two weeks off work, hurrah.  Whilst not really a chosen holiday (Hubby's work have a 2-week "close-down" every July), we're certainly making the most of it & relaxing :)

The weather is pretty much wet wet wet still, which means those outside diy plans aren't happening, but we did manage some garden work on Sunday - everything has grown sooooo much!  We're also off to Suffolk for a few days and taking my Mum & Dad with us this time to show them the places we visit.

I've been having fun with my new smartphone apps...

and Hubby's been Japanese-beer-shopping :)

See you some time next week, hopefully with lots to share. x


  1. yay two weeks off! that sounds so fantastic! i am very very jealous! i hope it stops raining so you can get some diy work done! i am sending dry vibes towards you right now!

  2. thanks honey, esp for the dry vibes, we needed them :D xox


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