Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Dusty's week, in photos

We had a lovely relaxing Bank Holiday weekend, doing very little. 

Here's what Dusty's been up to this past week...

l to r: lemon layer birthday cake (they wouldn't give me any though!); 'hello there' friends from the field; curling up with a slipper;
sunlit cemetary walk; hedgerow trumpet; stormy skies;
"where's my ball?"; late summer flowers; "hmm, I know I shouldn't have this, which makes it all the better, ha ha ha"


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Summer Sundae - Sunday

The final day of the music festival was just as good, and hot.  The theme this year being Safari, the Hall bar was full of crafted birds, it's difficult to see from the photo, but they were really colourful, made from feathers and looked amazing

Once more we saw some new amazing bands (again, if you're interested in learning more about them, just click on their names)...
Her Name Is Calla - "emotional symphonic sound"
Her name is Calla
Maybeshewill - another band from our own city, we've seen them a couple of times now & they're awesome

Hey Sholay - these guys quite literally were hypnotic (both Hubby & I almost fell asleep - that's a good thing believe me) - "intricate synth rock sound, backed by the more classic rock'n'roll"

Hey Sholay

Japandroids - another one of Hubby's faves, I was new to these two guys from Vancouver, but am definitely a convert, great rock!

 The thai food stand also served up slices of watermelon, they looked so pretty

and of course great green curry

The Twilight Sad - great indie rock band from Scotland

The Twilight Sad

Django Django - and another one of Hubby's favourite bands, & again, I can't fault him, it was the first time hearing any of their music for me & they didn't disappoint, they also had a great banter going on with us all :) - worth checking out if you've never heard them!

Django Django
We also caught a few songs by Lewis Floyd Henry, a busker, who had two little girls join him as backing singers for one song - they were so funny & pretty good too :)

Ed Harcourt - piano, guitar, drums, some beautiful music

We ended our festival weekend watching the legends that are Public Image Limited

Safari - so goody

A great festival weekend, and we are looking forward to a quiet weekend this week for a rest, ha ha. x

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Summer Sundae 2012 - Saturday

Saturday was another fantastic day, and soooooo HOT!!!

I started off the day with a milkshake from Shaken Udder, delicious!

Terry's Chocolate Orange milkshake

Each morning the solar-powered 'ice cold lemonade' stand appeared, and of course disappeared come sundown :)

The food at the festival is always good, though changes each year, this year we frequented the burrito stand a few times... my fave was the beef - full of chilli, rice, jalepenos, sour cream, guacamole, cheese & hot sauce - YUM!

Once more we saw lots of amazing artists...

The Daydream Club - recalling The XX & Cocteau Twins

Tim Edey & Brendan Power - rocking the accordian & harmonica

Nancy Dawkins - one of our city's own, "mesmerising songs with a gentle fingerpicked guitar style and an assured bluesy vocal" - fantastic!

Savages - post punk girl band - truly AWESOME!!!!!

 Lucy Rose - beautiful acoustic guitar

Lucy Rose
Rachel Sermanni - beautiful singer from Scotland, "earthy folk melodies and dextrous fingerpicking"

We braved the "almost-passing-out-it's-so-hot" tent to see Jake Bugg who I'd never heard of (like most of the bands I saw), however according to Hubby he's tipped to be "the next big thing" - the tent was FULL & I enjoyed what I heard.

Cashier No. 9 - "their sound lies somewhere in a new avenue leading off from 60's psych, 80's indie and 90's shoegazers" - very cool!

Cashier No 9

Agnes Obel - absolutley beautiful, haunting music, piano & guitar, the kind of music that makes you drift away

Agnes Obel

 tUnE-yArDs - so she's one of Hubby's recent faves and I had no idea what to expect - she is AWESOME! making the most amazing noises into music


Speech Debelle - I'm not really a fan of rap, but she rocked it & I loved it!

Speech Debelle

there was just enough time for some dinner...

for hubby
Katsu curry & tempura
 and me

chicken korma
and then we took a trip back to our childhoods, with Adam Ant, and he didn't disappoint, playing all the fantastic 80s songs we loved back then!  Soooo cool!!! (showing my age now) :)

then back into the big-top tent for Man Like Me - we saw these two guys 3 years ago when they supported Zero 7 - back then they really grabbed our attention, and 3 years on they still have fantastic original songs and are great showmans, though perhaps their dance moves are more polished now (& no plastic bag this time!) - seriously, check them out!

Man Like Me

We ended the night with another Hubby-fave, Death in Vegas - I'd never heard them before, and again, loved them!

Death in Vegas


Monday, 20 August 2012

Summer Sundae 2012 - Friday

This weekend was the Summer Sundae music festival once again.  We love going to this fantastic, local festival each year, so save our pennies specially.  There's always so much music to choose from that as soon as the lineup is confirmed I have a little listen to each artist so I get an idea of what we might like to see.  The weather was much the same as last year, rainy on Friday and very very hot & muggy :)

Each day we get off the bus and walk up to De Montfort Hall via New Walk, a beautiful area in the city...

The venue itself was a little more compact this year, but still fab, we heard so many amazing artists this weekend.  Friday we saw the following artists (click on their name for a link if you're interested) ...


Y Niwl (a fab Welsh band, instrumental American surf guitar of the late 50's)

Y Niwl
Kyte (electro pop)

 Dan Mangan (fab Canadians, 'For fans of Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens' apparently)

Dan Mangan
Clock Opera
Clock Opera

Datarock - Norwegian band, soooo entertaining, with their matching tracksuits & funny videos

 Willy Mason - fab troubadour from Martha's Vineyard

Willy Mason
 One of the usual tents, The Musician, this time incorporated a bar & renamed 'The Watering Hole'

We ended Friday with an acoustic session by the wonderful Patrick Wolf...

Patrick Wolf
 More fab music to share tomorrow :)


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Birthday girl

We spent Saturday with our family as it was our niece's 15th Birthday. It was a warm day and we had fun in the garden with both all the in-laws, grandparents, our nieces, and their little cousins (3 and 6 years old) who had fun on the trampoline :)

It was one of those perfect Saturday afternoons.

dreadful photo of me (looking asleep), but very cute of Echo, looking gorgeous as usual

We gave her record vouchers as she loves her music, but also put together a little bag of girlie goodies, heavy on the hair products as she loves to dye that hair

Tea tree & witch hazel face mask, Sanctuary hair masks x 2, John Freida Full Repair shampoo & conditioner, Barry M Black glitter nail polish, Models Own black glitter eye pencil, Blistex tinted lip balm, mini hair brush, silver cosmetics bag

My sister-in-law had baked an awesome rainbow cake, based on some weird cartoon character none of us had heard of, called Nyan Cat (see it on YouTube HERE)

Hubby & I stayed late into the evening (after having gone to get Dusty from my parents), and on wandering round the garden I rediscovered the girls' playhouse, I'd forgotten about their "rules" on the inside of the door - a great discovery...

I love that "have fun" is a rule!

Later we watched Mo Farah win his gold, Jamaica's boys win their relay and altogether cheered the night away.  Family = Fun, & I wish we spent more time together. x

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Well, it may be all over

but what a couple of weeks!  I'm not a huge sport gal, I like to go see it when it's live, but on the tv, not so much.  However with these Olympics being in the UK I've watched every day, and enjoyed it!

The closing ceremony Sunday night was cool and a great ending to great games.  All the athletes seemed to be so happy to be there too, lots of smiling faces which was so cool to see.  It was really wonderful to see how positive everyone was, people seemed to not only enjoy the games, but certainly in Britain we seemed to actually get behind everyone and not be down on it (as so often happens sadly).

The football season starts up again this weekend and I'm hoping that the comraderie and positiveness and the coming together of the countries doesn't just end here.  It really goes to show that people can come together in peace and enjoy these things.  Just hearing the roars coming from other people's houses on Saturday night when Mo Farah won gold again, it was fantastic!

And well done Team GB, how awesome were all of you! And to come third in the medal table, our tiny island rocks sometimes and this is one of those times :) Right, enough gushing methinks :D

And the Paralympics start at the end of the month too, can't wait! Go Team GB! Phew! x

Monday, 13 August 2012

small things

Well, I've been avoiding computers this past week after suffering more migraines.  Since I finally feel human again...

We didn't do a whole lot of 'shopping' whilst away in Suffolk this time.  Well, ok, so once again Hubby brought back tons of vinyl (there's a couple of excellent sellers having a day sale that always seem to coincide with our vists there), and I also picked up some jazz & vintage stuff too...

We also found two more record sellers - one who mainly sells rare & secondhand books from whom Hubby bought two horror movie soundtracks & the Krull OST :) , also a gentleman who sells records from his shed (it's a large shed), again Hubby found a few bargains.  It's so great to keep finding these sellers.

some of Hubby's haul

I also found a few bits & bobs for a few pounds.  When I came across these books I realised they were in the same range as a cute vintage book called "Hints & Wrinkles" that I have - which is basically vintage household help from the 1930's/40s.  As you can see, these too relate to the home & are full of wonderful illustrations & advice (some of which still holds today) I was going to just buy a couple, but couldn't split them up now could I ...

and I found a good copy of William Again (I LOVE the Just William series, fantastic books whether you're a child or adult).

I treated myself to another couple of cute vintage buckles (for crafting methinks)

and a charity shop find, a small pin dish with pretty song birds

Hubby loves his toast, so when I saw this cute toast rack, with a space for a jam pot, and only for a few pounds, I had to get it for him...

and I bought these cute sugar tongs too (again for just a couple of pounds), they had many pairs, but I liked the horseshoe design on these, simple but cute

Have you found any bargains recently? x

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Amazing Suffolk Churches

Whilst we always love to explore history and architecture, it was even more so this time round with my parents being with us.  With my Mum being very involved in the Church she always loves to visit other churches, so we obliged...

the first was St Edmunds in Southwold, built in the 1400's, and full of stunning and colourful architecture...

the very ornate ceiling with angels

part of the organ

panels depicting the saints, sadly their faces were "removed" during the Reformation!

Then we visited Holy Trinity Blythburgh Church (read about it HERE), built around the same time as St Edmunds, yet inside is very different

a similar ceiling to St Edmunds, but devoid of such decoration, except for the Angels once again

I can't describe how amazing this church is, and definitely one of my favourites - although very simple, it really feels incredible in there!

the floor is wonderfully uneven and has the usual burial tombstones

more Saints at the end of the pews - again, sadly their faces have been scratched away during the Reformation


the large stone font

We finished the day with a visit to the ruins of Leiston Abbey which dates from 1363 (more info HERE)

All in all a very spiritual and inspiring day. x