Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Amazing Suffolk Churches

Whilst we always love to explore history and architecture, it was even more so this time round with my parents being with us.  With my Mum being very involved in the Church she always loves to visit other churches, so we obliged...

the first was St Edmunds in Southwold, built in the 1400's, and full of stunning and colourful architecture...

the very ornate ceiling with angels

part of the organ

panels depicting the saints, sadly their faces were "removed" during the Reformation!

Then we visited Holy Trinity Blythburgh Church (read about it HERE), built around the same time as St Edmunds, yet inside is very different

a similar ceiling to St Edmunds, but devoid of such decoration, except for the Angels once again

I can't describe how amazing this church is, and definitely one of my favourites - although very simple, it really feels incredible in there!

the floor is wonderfully uneven and has the usual burial tombstones

more Saints at the end of the pews - again, sadly their faces have been scratched away during the Reformation


the large stone font

We finished the day with a visit to the ruins of Leiston Abbey which dates from 1363 (more info HERE)

All in all a very spiritual and inspiring day. x


  1. it is crazy how different they all are. the first one being so crazy ornate and the second a bit more humble but still lots of carvings and then the last one! obviously much older but sooo cool! it looks like a scene from a movie! we are watching the series camelot and it looks a lot like that church! that would have been my favorite to visit.

    1. it's amazing how different they can be while still being similar. I'll have to look out for the tv series, sounds like something I'd enjoy, tq xox


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