Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Dusty's week, in photos

We had a lovely relaxing Bank Holiday weekend, doing very little. 

Here's what Dusty's been up to this past week...

l to r: lemon layer birthday cake (they wouldn't give me any though!); 'hello there' friends from the field; curling up with a slipper;
sunlit cemetary walk; hedgerow trumpet; stormy skies;
"where's my ball?"; late summer flowers; "hmm, I know I shouldn't have this, which makes it all the better, ha ha ha"



  1. He is just the cutest! Have i told you that rosie acts like a dog? She loves playing fetch with her straws! I think rosie and dusty would get along sooo well!

    1. that's so cute she does that :) me too, Dusty loves cats, but they just won't play with him! xox


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