Monday, 13 August 2012

small things

Well, I've been avoiding computers this past week after suffering more migraines.  Since I finally feel human again...

We didn't do a whole lot of 'shopping' whilst away in Suffolk this time.  Well, ok, so once again Hubby brought back tons of vinyl (there's a couple of excellent sellers having a day sale that always seem to coincide with our vists there), and I also picked up some jazz & vintage stuff too...

We also found two more record sellers - one who mainly sells rare & secondhand books from whom Hubby bought two horror movie soundtracks & the Krull OST :) , also a gentleman who sells records from his shed (it's a large shed), again Hubby found a few bargains.  It's so great to keep finding these sellers.

some of Hubby's haul

I also found a few bits & bobs for a few pounds.  When I came across these books I realised they were in the same range as a cute vintage book called "Hints & Wrinkles" that I have - which is basically vintage household help from the 1930's/40s.  As you can see, these too relate to the home & are full of wonderful illustrations & advice (some of which still holds today) I was going to just buy a couple, but couldn't split them up now could I ...

and I found a good copy of William Again (I LOVE the Just William series, fantastic books whether you're a child or adult).

I treated myself to another couple of cute vintage buckles (for crafting methinks)

and a charity shop find, a small pin dish with pretty song birds

Hubby loves his toast, so when I saw this cute toast rack, with a space for a jam pot, and only for a few pounds, I had to get it for him...

and I bought these cute sugar tongs too (again for just a couple of pounds), they had many pairs, but I liked the horseshoe design on these, simple but cute

Have you found any bargains recently? x


  1. those albums are gonna be so much fun to listen to and i love those books are got. the spines are really cute and i am sure they have some interesting content too. i am sorry you had a migraine. i hope it is better now.

    1. thanks honey, yes migraine all better :) xox


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