Thursday, 23 August 2012

Summer Sundae - Sunday

The final day of the music festival was just as good, and hot.  The theme this year being Safari, the Hall bar was full of crafted birds, it's difficult to see from the photo, but they were really colourful, made from feathers and looked amazing

Once more we saw some new amazing bands (again, if you're interested in learning more about them, just click on their names)...
Her Name Is Calla - "emotional symphonic sound"
Her name is Calla
Maybeshewill - another band from our own city, we've seen them a couple of times now & they're awesome

Hey Sholay - these guys quite literally were hypnotic (both Hubby & I almost fell asleep - that's a good thing believe me) - "intricate synth rock sound, backed by the more classic rock'n'roll"

Hey Sholay

Japandroids - another one of Hubby's faves, I was new to these two guys from Vancouver, but am definitely a convert, great rock!

 The thai food stand also served up slices of watermelon, they looked so pretty

and of course great green curry

The Twilight Sad - great indie rock band from Scotland

The Twilight Sad

Django Django - and another one of Hubby's favourite bands, & again, I can't fault him, it was the first time hearing any of their music for me & they didn't disappoint, they also had a great banter going on with us all :) - worth checking out if you've never heard them!

Django Django
We also caught a few songs by Lewis Floyd Henry, a busker, who had two little girls join him as backing singers for one song - they were so funny & pretty good too :)

Ed Harcourt - piano, guitar, drums, some beautiful music

We ended our festival weekend watching the legends that are Public Image Limited

Safari - so goody

A great festival weekend, and we are looking forward to a quiet weekend this week for a rest, ha ha. x


  1. Wow so much music! I cant believe you were able to listen to this all! I am sure they didnt all play at the same time but still. What a great time and yes a weekend of rest sounds good.

    1. it's a jam-packed weekend of music, but so cool to be able to get to see so much (the advantage of a small venue) :) xox


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