Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Well, it may be all over

but what a couple of weeks!  I'm not a huge sport gal, I like to go see it when it's live, but on the tv, not so much.  However with these Olympics being in the UK I've watched every day, and enjoyed it!

The closing ceremony Sunday night was cool and a great ending to great games.  All the athletes seemed to be so happy to be there too, lots of smiling faces which was so cool to see.  It was really wonderful to see how positive everyone was, people seemed to not only enjoy the games, but certainly in Britain we seemed to actually get behind everyone and not be down on it (as so often happens sadly).

The football season starts up again this weekend and I'm hoping that the comraderie and positiveness and the coming together of the countries doesn't just end here.  It really goes to show that people can come together in peace and enjoy these things.  Just hearing the roars coming from other people's houses on Saturday night when Mo Farah won gold again, it was fantastic!

And well done Team GB, how awesome were all of you! And to come third in the medal table, our tiny island rocks sometimes and this is one of those times :) Right, enough gushing methinks :D

And the Paralympics start at the end of the month too, can't wait! Go Team GB! Phew! x

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