Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Catching up weekend

We've been without internet service for the last couple of weeks & I've really missed it - it's different when it's an inforced thing rather than going on holiday and I'm so pleased to say that today it's finally resolved, hurrah.

Anyhoo, a couple weeks ago we visited my parents while they stayed in Rutland for the week.  Rutland is a beautiful county, and the smallest county in England.  It has a huge manmade reservoir, Rutland Water, which is hugely popular to cycle round (it has a 23 mile track) and fish in.

We took Dusty with us and went out with them for a lovely lunch at Barnsdale Lodge, who welcome pooches (hooray).  We sat in the beautiful courtyard gardens




The food was delicious!

bread plate
Hubby had slow cooked lamb, fondant potato, broad bean puree, roasted garlic & vine cherry tomatoes ...

Mum's salmon came with the lemon wedge wrapped in muslin to keep all those bits away - very clever

Dusty enjoyed it too, having some of Mum's salmon when we'd finished :)

please save me some
after lunch we took a trip into Oakham, which is a lovely market town, and I bought some fab vintage cutlery, a set of fish knives & forks (about 1950s)

and some truly gorgeous dessert spoons and forks in their original box, they're just lovely & what I remember using growing up at Grandma's

It was a lovely sunny day, the last hurrah of Summer it appears. x


  1. i want to live there! it looks so peaceful and away from everything. what a great place to spend a few days! i just can't get over how cute dusty is! glad you are back sweetie!


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