Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Suffolk Dog Walks - part 1

There were lots of fantastic-looking walks to choose from, and for this trip we did 3 in all, all starting from Dunwich.  Two were taken from placesandfaces.co.uk and the other from a leaflet I found from The Ship Inn pub.

The first one (for full details see HERE) we did took us all around Dingle marshes and back along the shingle beach.

We started the day off right, Hubby cooked us corned beef hash - YUM...

The beach car park is huge and you can park there all day and donate to local charities via a donation box, which is great.

ready to go
The walk took us through the village of Dunwich, past the Church and the Nursery tearooms and up a long winding (private road) track

We headed past several houses that were tucked away along the track, one of my favourites was this stone one

and there was also a very modern glass house hidden amongst the trees - very Cameron Fry's house from Ferris Bueller - but sadly I couldn't get a photo of that one.

When we came out of the trees we could see the sea and eventually passed by an old farm where the land opened up onto the reedbeds, apparently these are the biggest reedbeds in the UK, and I've never seen such a landscape before...

the reeds up close
 If you don't stick to the path you could end up very wet indeed, it's all marshland, but can look very deceiving :D

Crossing the river heading back to the beach

Pools of algae edging the beach

The beach is shingle and the stones make it really hard-going, the walk back along the beach (in the other direction to this photo), with the sun scorching down, was the hardest bit of the walk

Dusty dog enjoyed himself!

It was a great first dog walk/hike, my new (sale) walking shoes did the job & we all had a fun couple of hours.  Another walk tomorrow x


  1. what a beautiful walk! it is always necessary to start the day off with a yummy home cooked meal :) it must be so nice to leave right off that path, i wonder if they take advantage of it or if they rarely make the path, i know i would especially down to the beach!

    1. now i finally have internet back I can reply! I would always take it straight to the beach if I lived close enough, I hope they do too xox


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