Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Suffolk Dog Walks - part 2

Our second walk (details HERE) again started off in the Dunwich beach car park.  This one was 4 or so miles and took us about 3 hours with a stop off and plenty of photo ops.  Once again, it was a scorching hot day!

We started off by skirting the ruins of Greyfriars Friary, which is currently having some restoration work carried out

We then entered a small forest, which was full of interesting-looking log piles (& very Blair Witch)

Once again, the forest held some beautiful properties amongst and around it; these gates are fantastic, I love that they echo the Friary with the Friars themselves incorporated into the gates

Once out of the forest we had a walk down the Minsmere Road which takes you to Dunwich Heath,  National Trust land, and truly a beautiful sight, this is what met us...

The heath is made up of beautiful purple heather, with yellow gorse interspersed

Dunwich itself has been slowly disappearing into the sea for years, receeding on average a metre a year!  As such, you can't go anywhere near to the edge (not that you'd want to!)

At the top of the heath we reached the Tea Rooms, what a welcome sight they were!  We stopped for a rest and refreshments...

Chocolate cake (soooo good) and apple juice for me, and a cream tea for Hubby

Isn't the illustration on the cream pot gorgeous! I had to take a photo :)

Refreshed somewhat we continued onwards this time crossing the heath

the path we needed to take hadn't been pruned in some time, and in some places it was hard going, the gorse and briars being naturally very sharp, but I never knew how scratchy heather could be!

trying not to get ripped to shreds, ha ha
We finally made it out of the heath and joined the footpath along a farm track where there were plenty of blackberries in the hedgerows

Our footpath took us alongside fields of golden corn ready for harvesting

And finally back into Dunwich village, past more beautiful houses

and to the pub, The Ship Inn, for a refreshing drink!

I think that, overall, this walk was my favourite, it being the right length and full of varied landscapes to keep our interest.  One more to come x


  1. this was walk was beautiful! it has so many different sceneries to look at and enjoy. i love the forest bit. it always feels so magical when walking through one. that gate was so pretty too, it looked like it was just up for decoration and really didn't do much anymore. i love that! i love that there was a tea room for a tiny break. the heath looks so pretty and it is so crazy that it is actually disappearing! how sad :( but at least you got to see it and enjoy it too!

    1. it really did have so many amazing & quirky sights; I can't wait to do it again next year! xox


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