Thursday, 13 September 2012

Suffolk Dog Walks - part 3

Our final dog walk/hike was taken from a leaflet that I found in The Ship Inn, giving you a walk from their pub to the Westleton Crown and vice versa.  We decided we'd start once again from Dunwich, head to Westleton and then back again.  It was approximately 8-10 miles (hard to be specific), and in total (including a short break at the Crown) we walked for about 5 hours, again on a lovely sunny day.  Thankfully each walk had plenty of shady patches so Dusty never overheated, and of course we carried a bottle of water for him.

The walk started off on the same footpath we'd ended our previous walk on, in reverse.  We passed underneath a huge bee colony of ivy which completely arced over the pathway

and once more, past the cornfields

We entered Dunwich forest, another lovely place, though we only skirted the edges

and kept to the pathway, because these signs were all over the place, eek!

On exiting the forest we were once again on the heath, this time the Westleton Heath, and another rather worrying sign...
After following the heath down to the road, we crossed over and continued onwards through more beautiful paths, past an old chalk quarry - the terrain looked like something out of Star Trek


A purple-tinged field

The heath came out near some houses on the edge of Westleton village

We stopped at the Westleton Crown for a drink and short rest, it's a gorgeous pub and restaurant, and they also have 34 accommodation rooms (!) - all of which looked lovely from what we could see.  Their garden is terraced and we found a nice quiet area for Dusty to rest...

then we set off again, through the village

it was hard going in some places :)

and after crossing Westleton Common and following the footpath we entered the most beautiful forest I think I've ever seen.  It was full of silver birch trees and felt so peaceful

We eventually came out onto the road towards the Minsmere Bird Reserve (where dogs aren't allowed), but our footpath took us along the edge of the Reserve and another beautiful area

The reserve's forest opens out onto a huge area of open grassland

next to which were a family of red deer

 Dusty was enjoying himself too

hurry up you two!
 then once more we were on Dunwich Heath, but a different area to our second walk

we finally got back onto familiar ground and re-entered the Friary forest in reverse order

That day, our actual anniversary day, I had two bumble bees land on me and spend about 5 minutes licking me!

That was one amazing walk, and along with the others, Hubby and I had a thoroughly amazing time hiking.  Sadly it's coming to the end of the season for our trips to Suffolk, but I can't wait until next year to try out some of the other amazing walks. x


  1. 8 or 10 miles! That is a lot of walking! My feet would be full of blisters sadly. But what another beauitful walk.mthe archery sounds cool but what if an arrow when wondering off? The silver birch forest is soo stunning. What a truly magical place! Could you feel the bumblebee lickingnyou? I have never heard of that, so cool! It must mean good luck and since it was your anniversary well then it means your lucky in love!! So happy you had a great trip and los and lots of warm sunny weather!

    1. I know! I'm quite proud of myself, didn't know I had it in me - but yes, plenty of blisters, but I thought ahead & took plasters which helped :D
      The archery signs were rather disturbing! It felt rather Hunger Games :)
      The bee licking me was the slightest touch, barely there, but yes definitely a good sign xox


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