Monday, 10 September 2012

Week away in Suffolk

Well, that was a lovely week off together.  It was our 15th wedding anniversary last week so we took off for the caravan in Suffolk.  We were sooo lucky with the weather, sunshine every day!  On our first evening all the flying ants came out so the birds filled the air to eat them - it was very "The Birds"...

Before we left I did a search for dog walks and found a great resource on, we had some amazing hikes with Dusty and I'll post about these separately as they justify their own posts to show you the beautiful landscapes and forests we discovered.

We also had a fun time in Southwold and took Dusty onto the pier

This clock is a piece of sculpture, and you might not be able to see, but has a person taking a bath at the top, that water then travels to the level below where two men drop their trousers and "pee" into a pot, which then tips down into the bottom level and moves the clock!  Very funny...

 Dusty loves taking trips in the car :)

feel that wind in my hair
I also had a few thrifty finds this time round, this cute bag (it's darker than it looks here) with studded detailing, the strap needs replacing but that shouldn't be a problem I think, and it's perfect for Autumn...

some cute printing blocks, the LB are metal, the W, wooden...

and this pretty crystal perfume bottle, it has an opalescence to it

and a huge bag of buttons for craft projects  :)

Walks tomorrow :) x


  1. Wow 15 years, congrats! That is soo awesome! Your trip sonds wonderful too! The clock is awesome and i wish i could see more of it! I cant wait to see the pictures of your hikes, so glas the weather was on your side! Yay! Great bag too! I have taken mine to a cobbler before and they were able to fix it and put some leather oil on it to keep it happy :)

    1. thanks honey :) can't believe it's been 15 years, it's flown by! It was a wonderful week thank you & to have the sunshine too, so lucky. I'm hoping the cobbler can help me out too xox


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