Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Crafting birthday bracelet

Goodness, I don't know where the time keeps going to, weeks just seem to fly by!  Anyhoo, it'll very soon be my sister-in-law's birthday, so I decided to have a theme for her pressies this year - she LOVES (& I do mean LOVES) Morrissey.

Jasmin Studio Crafts never let me down, I get lots of great jewellery crafting items from them, and I bought their great black oval bracelet with stickers.  I'd never tried these before, but I'm so pleased with the result that I've subsequently ordered the 10-pack for more gifts for Christmas :)

Image of Acrylic Large Oval Bracelet 30x40mm - Now Also in Silver!
Jasmin Studio Crafts
I decided to alternate with pictures of Morrissey and some quotes from the man himself - ones I thought she'd appreciate :D

I'm really pleased with the result and hope she will be too.  A short "make" is on my Makes page if you're interested to see just how easy these are to do.

I also got her some Morrissey-inspired goodies from Etsy:

these fab pencils (she's a teacher) from The Carbon Crusader who does lovely engraved pencils, some custom, some great movie quotes in there too

and these great nail decals from ChaChaCovers

Morrissey Clear Nail Decals lyrical hands this charming man

International post was super fast for both of these (yay) and I know she'll love them! Thanks ladies, great products :) x


  1. You give the sweetest most thoughtful presents ever! She is gonna love it!

  2. what an amazing bracelet! you are so crafty:)

    1. thanks gina :) my sister-in-law loved it! xox


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