Monday, 1 October 2012

Things I like - funky lamps

I've recently found these fantastic lamps...

my favourite, and perfect for us crafty folks, is this bobbin one, definitely one for the crafting space

Bobbins lamp

If I can find any large bobbins I may make one myself - so I'm now on the hunt for large bobbins too :)

This chappy looks just right for Autumn, and would look lovely in a cosy living room
Squirrel lamp

and another fantastic lamp, that again, I think you could probably make yourself with some careful drilling of teacups and the right lamp, is this pretty teacup one...

and finally, for those who fancy a bit of countryside and nature...

Antler lamp

They also do a hanging light to match the antler lamp:

Antler 5 light

Lovely! And what surprised me is that they're all from Next and quite reasonably priced at that. x


  1. i love all these lamps! the cup one would be so easy to do just use E6000 to glue it all together and then make some holes and you are all set! that would be a fun project!

    1. :) I think so too (thanks for the glue suggestion) xox


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