Thursday, 8 November 2012

Au revoir Suffolk

This year we have been lucky enough to have one last trip to the caravan in Suffolk, and also to mainly avoid the rain!

We had a long weekend enjoying our last visit until March next year...

this beauty was sitting on the road in Southwold, all polished, waiting to be driven

bye bye to the Pier

we also visited Redhouse Christmas Barn, who had some HUGE pumpkins sitting outside

and inside was a cornucopia or gorgeous trees and decorations, including a UK-theme

I bought a couple of gorgeous velvet roses, but for either crafting or wearing

I also couldn't help buying this little gadget for our bathroom, apparently it's a bath thermometer!  And even if it isn't, it looks funky in our Victorian house


It was sad to say au revoir to Suffolk and I can't wait until 2013 for our visits to start again. x


  1. Why cant you go again? Is it time off? I want a bath thermometer! I always get in and it hurts for the first 5 min cause its way too hot! Haha even if it doesnt work, i agree at least it looks good hanging up!

    1. because it's a caravan they have to close it for at least a couple of months (Feb to 21 March) as the site demands it, but my in-laws prefer to close it down Nov til March as they find it too cold & bleak - me, I'd go there year round! xox

  2. be still my heart. i just love your photos. the car is amazing. did you see it being driven?

    1. It was gorgeous, but no, it was just parked, but it was definitely waiting to be driven :) xox


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