Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Autumn, how I love thee

It's been a slow couple of months, I mean, they've whizzed by, but life has been quite slow. 

It's now dark at 4.30 every afternoon, and dark in the morning.  Life's pace has certainly slowed round here, I don't think we've done much at all, except the usual day to day things, I've fought off one cold and succumbed to another one; and yet I can't believe it's November!

We've had some wonderful dog walks and Autumn has really been showing off...





this field was full of corn allowed to dry out, it made the most beautiful rustling sound as the wind blew


 beautiful moons

a glut of windfall apples from our tree, delicious

and amazing sky

Oh Autumn, how beautiful you are x


  1. fall has taken a while to get here! the past couple of days the weather here has been hot! soooo nice, i don't want it to end! i get so sad when the day starts to get so dark so early :( these are such beautiful shots, i love fall because of all the warm colors everywhere!

    1. hope that warm weather stays a bit longer for you :) I revel in the gorgeousness of Autumn though the darkness in the mornings certainly make it difficult to get going! xox

  2. your photos make me yearn for a visit to england. someday.

    fall is beautiful here too and it is also my favorite season. i do not like however, that it is dark at 4:30pm. I love to go running after work and now I can't. I am going to have to make amends somehow since running is becoming an obsession. :)

    1. I'm with you, I love Autumn & Winter, but I find the darkness difficult, especially getting going in the mornings! xox


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