Friday, 23 November 2012

Owl Christmas pressies - part 2

Owls are everywhere this Christmas, yay!  Here are some more goodies...

John Lewis have a whole crafting range that's owl-related at the moment, so there's plenty to choose from for the crafter in your life (or yourself)...

John Lewis

one of which is this cute and handy travel sewing kit, for any small sewing emergency

John Lewis

this owl candle is almost too cute to light

John Lewis

owl nighlight

Celeste & Moon Owl - John Lewis

and bags for the kids
Skip*Hop - John Lewis

John Lewis

 For the tie-wearing man in your life (whether mister, brother, dad, friend), it's covered in little owls

Marks & Spencer

and these Scandi-inspired slipper socks

Marks & Spencer

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  1. oh. my word. your owl finds keep getting cuter and cuter:)


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