Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas gifts, homemade style

Some years ago Hubby & I decided to make all our Christmas gifts for family & friends.  What resulted was a range of gifts, all of which I personally would have loved to receive, and which (so they said) so did the recipients :)

They included a Hot Chocolate gift - which included a bar of mayan chocolate, vanilla pods, cinammon sticks, mini marshmallows, a nutmeg & mini grater and a mini whisk, all in  a small bowl (the old-fashioned way to drink chocolate)

We made up hampers too, full of homemade goodies including: chilli jam, wholegrain mustard, pickles, olives, pears in brandy, flavoured vodka & more

I also made some yummy bath stuff, rose & geranium, lavender, and camomile bath salts

Earlier this year I bought a selection of vintage glass decanters from a charity shop.  Most charity shops seem to have decanters for sale for just a couple of pounds each...

I bought some lovely-smelling coloured foam baths, and filled up each decanter (they took about 750ml)

I popped on one of the glittery snowflakes I've made recently and they look so pretty, and are so simple to do, but I think will look lovely in a bathroom (hopefully so will the recipients) ...

Now, I just need to do one for my bathroom methinks :) x


  1. You are so clever! This are beautiful and such a great use for those decanters! Making gifts are the best! I stil have 2 more to make!!!!!!

    1. Thanks sweetie, they were very well received :) xox


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