Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas past - part 2

I've always loved Christmas, and growing up my parents always made it special for us.

We would write letters to Santa (my Dad still has a couple of these that he treasures bless him) which Mum would "post"; Mum would take us to the amazing Christmas grotto in Lewis' (an amazing department store that used to be in Leicester) toy department, where Father Christmas was waiting at the end ...

My brother & I in 1978, looking smart (love my coat)

Some years we had a fake tinsel tree, but on those years when we had a real tree Dad would take my brother & I to get a tree as soon as school had finished; then we'd decorate it with Mum.  When I was very little I'd was an Angel in the Church nativity...

Angel - December 1978

Christmas Eve & of course we knew that Father Christmas wouldn't arrive until we were fast asleep; I still remember the feeling of waking up in the dark & realising that the sock (one of my Dad's long, grey work socks) on the bed felt heavy.  The sheer joy I felt touching that sock, always full of little surprises from Father Christmas, a tangerine & some brazil & hazelnuts at the bottom, ooo it was wonderful.

My brother and I would wake each other up once we realised Santa had been, and we'd rush into our parents bedroom to open our 'stockings'.  If it was too early we'd then be sent back to bed, but if it was a reasonable hour (ie after 6am) we were allowed to go downstairs to see what presents we had.

Christmas Day 1978 - in the playroom (funky carpet)

 The presents from Santa Claus would have our initials on them, and those presents from family & friends would have their tags carefully removed & kept with the present so we'd know who it was from to enable us to write thank you letters to them the next day.

Christmas Day with Mum - and my new Miss Piggy doll (& wearing my Miss Piggy & Kermit trousers) - the doll had one of those faces that many years later deteoriated (a 1970s thing)

We'd then get ready for Church, and afterward go to my Nan's house for an amazing lunch, playing games & enjoying our Christmas presents (we could always take a couple of them with us, I especially remember taking a new portable tape recorder with me in the mid 80's & taping everyone), then having a wonderful tea - I wish someone had taken photos at the time as I remember it all as looking so amazing. x


  1. your photos are so so sweet! i love seeing you as a lil girl:)

  2. i loved christmas when i was younger because it was sooo magical! the stockings were my favorite because it was like magic, one moment they were empty and sad and the next they were filled to the brim! in school we did saint nick and put our shoes out and they were filled with all sorts of goodies. that was pretty awesome too! your parents are just so perfect and they love you so much. you both are so lucky to have each other :)

    1. sounds wonderful. I haven't heard of the saint nick shoe gifts but what a lovely idea :)
      thanks honey, they are wonderful parents & I am thankful every day for them xox


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