Thursday, 31 May 2012

Jubilee is on it's way

This weekend is our Diamond Jubilee, the Queen has reigned for 60 years!  Most of the country has a looong weekend, having not only the usual bank holiday Monday but also the Tuesday.

We've got a few things planned, and I'll update you next week, but sufficit to say, I'm keeping those fingers crossed that the dry sunny weather comes back (it's been raining again since yesterday :( ) in time for some music, walks, bbqs, parties... well, we'll see how it goes!

Queen's Diamond Jubilee logo

Enjoy your weekend, however you spend it. x

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tempus fugit

oh yes time does fly! I really don't know where the time has been going to recently, we seem to go from one weekend to the next, with lots of work inbetween, and not much else!

FINALLY we have some hot sunshine, hurrah!  This past weekend was another fun one... Friday I went to ikea with my Mum & Dad, which included a 'coffee break' in BHS home store cafe - they have the best hot chocolate, so Dad indulged with a cinnamon danish too!

 It was soooo hot that I went for the mango smoothie, YUM

We spent the afternoon and evening in the garden enjoying the sunshine & had a bbq of steak (with garlic butter) and sweet potato chips.  Hubby would bbq every day of the year if he could :)

Movie night was Empire Records (such fun) followed by Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (Michael Cera AND Kat Dennings, LOVE it!)

Empire Records [DVD] [1995]  Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist [DVD] [2009]

Saturday we had our friends over for another bbq and got the paddling pool out for their son, and Dusty.  I think Dusty enjoyed it the most!

Hmm, not sure about this
 Once he'd decided it wasn't a threat, he loved it and kept diving into the water, he was so funny to watch

this is weird, but I like it!
That evening we went to their house to watch this year's Eurovision.  I have to say, it gets worse every year, and not in the good way that it's usually bad.  It seems to get more serious every year & loses some of that kitsch feel.  But we had a great night with great friends :)

Engelbert Humperdinck sung or the UK and we only received votes from 2 out of 42 countries, not good!  Jedward were back again for Ireland & entertaining as usual (they had a fountain on stage!!), the Russian Grannies seemed to go down well, and we thought Italy's entry was a good pop song; but Sweden ran away with it, with a pretty good song.

Sunday was another lazy day making the most of the sunshine...

view from the sunlounger

view from under my sun hat

Dusty enjoying the tiniest bit of ice cream
 and Dusty enjoyed a mud bath! and then a real bath!

Roll on Summer! x

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Brownies, Ska & odd dog

This weekend was fun, though the weather was less than impressive (think COLD & wet, we even put the heating on!).

I did some baking, you can't beat home-made brownies, not only do they taste better, but you get to control what goes in them - so no nasty preservatives, colourants, etc. 



I also made Hubby some ginger biscuits as he was fighting off a cold...

Friday night was movie night, I decided on a theme again (it makes it easier to pick films from our cupboard) and started with an 80s classic, Mannequin, followed by a 90s classic, Mallrats - we (read I) sang through the first one & chortled through the second one...

Mannequin [1987] [DVD]Mallrats [DVD]

Saturday we went to one of our local pubs to support a Cancer Research night

The fantastic, Leicester-based Ska band Kingsize played in a gazebo outside for a couple of hours for us; they're a great band & never disappoint not only with some well-known favourite songs (inc A message to you Rudy) but lots of their own stuff too - and yes, I forgot to take photos, I was enjoying myself too much :)

Thankfully the rain had stopped by this time, so we braved the cold & sat outside in the pub garden & just enjoyed the music with Hubby's brother & wife, and a few other friends.  It was such a great night, for a great cause!  More please :)

Meanwhile, Dusty the dog is being tres odd at the moment - he keeps pulling the dustbins back into place if we move them slightly (seriously odd!!!), he's taken to grabbing the lawnmower box (while it's off!) and throwing it around the lawn then attacks the mowers wheels, and also keeps pinching my flowerpots!  Good job it's so funny!


Monday, 14 May 2012

Thursday to Sunday F.U.N

Lots of dog walks - daisys and blossom confetti

& trees full of fat blossoms

Spending time in the garden - bluebells

apple blossoms & lemon balm

Mango Margaritas Friday night! (YUM YUM YUM) along with takeout pizza on Friday and bbq homemade burgers on Saturday, delish...

Friday night movies were Kung Fu Hustle (has to be in Chinese, so much funnier) and True Romance (always fab)...

Kung Fu Hustle [DVD] [2005]  True Romance (1993) [DVD]

Saturday night movies were Galaxy Quest (hee hee, love Sam Rockwell in this, so funny) and Mystery Men...

Galaxy Quest [DVD] [2000]  Mystery Men [DVD]

All some of our favourties and definitely worth a watch if you've never seen any of the 4 films!

Saturday, Mum and I went shopping, we had so much fun, and I came back with a couple of things...

cute pewter sandals

navy spotted silky kimono top - looks FAB with jeans (please excuse rubbish photo!)

and a new cute kettle :)

I can't wait to go shopping again with Mum, we always have sooo much fun!

Sunday was spent enjoying a small amount of sunshine, then later watching 101 Dalmatians with Dusty (soooo funny to watch him watching)...

rapt attention (watch out puppies!)

A great weekend! Hope yours was too. x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Rainy Suffolk Finds

As we often do these days, we came home from Suffolk with plenty of goodies.

The charity shops, record fair and car boot sale brought Hubby lots of music, both vinyl and cds, including some Bauhaus, Herbie Hancock & Ryuichi Sakamoto...

I came away from the Beccles Street Market with a couple of lovely pictures (or Cornwall I think?), they do need new glass and some new tape but were so lovely (& a bargain) I couldn't resist - they make me feel happier somehow just looking at them ...

I found this cute oil painting of a flower market in a charity shop (painted by a local lady)...

We also discovered a salvage yard, which is located on an old military base - it was so cool (& weird) driving round, they still have some of the old signs up for things such as the military barber.  I didn't dare take any photos because they still use the airfield right next to the old base!  Anyhoo, we found some fab dominoes (which I was going to use for crafting, but they're too good, so we'll be using them to play dominoes, good rainy day fun), and also this vintage mirror (sorry about the rubbish photo)...

On Monday at the vintage market I fell in love with a gorgeous 1960's velvet jacket, black with orange flowers on, though sadly it was just a little too small, however I did find this raspberry velvet jacket that's snug but looks great open & for £10, well it had to be done ...

Hurrah for weekend finds :) x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Rainy Suffolk

Our second weekend away in Suffok was rather a wet one, the rain just wouldn't let up for more than an hour or so, but we made the most of it and had another lovely weekend.  Dusty does NOT like the rain and just refuses to go out; needless to say, he was one mischievious puppy this weekend and woke us up every morning at 5.30am by tipping the kitchen bin over & strewing rubbish everywhere (sadly Hubby did not take a photo).

He also decided that whilst he loves his bed

I'm so tired

he also loved the sofa, & everytime it was time for bed he'd run round the room and leap up onto the sofa, and I'm pretty sure he spent most of his nights on that - it's hard to be strict when you can't stop laughing :D (& when he's so darned cute!)

Anyhoo, we still managed several lovely walks along the front, you can see from this pic of this fab old building, that the weather was stormy...

I don't know what this building is used for anymore (if anything) but I really like it's odd touches here and there (the dome; strange roof ornament; tiny windows in roof apex); it's such a shame these buildings aren't used more.

Opposite this building, and with a great view of the sea, is this funky apartment block

and look what I found peeking above the wall in their garden - a (life-size?) giraffe, so bizarre!

There was plenty of things on this time too - we went to Woodbridge on Friday to troll the charity shops, a car boot on Saturday (Hubby picked up lots of music), also a (tiny) craft fair, Sunday was the Beccles Antique Street Fair and Bank Holiday Monday we managed to pack in an Antique Fair in Woodbridge and a Vintage Market in Aldeburgh.  I love it when there's lots to do, despite that vile weather :)

Finds tomorrow :) x

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A break in the rain...

and Spring reappears.

For however short a time, we had a small break in the constant rain, and look what appeared...

the first swallows of the season perched on a telephone wire

A happy couple of ducks, splashing about in a flood :)

Dusty's most favourite place on our walk, he would sit here for hours if we let him - the field is FULL of rabbits and pigeons!
"please let me go in that field, please, please, please"
Now, all we need is a proper break in the rain... then perhaps life might become a little more exciting & less Winter-like? x