Thursday, 28 June 2012

Back in time

I'm loving the vintage packaging that Kellogs have put on all their cereals...

I want to buy one of everything & fill up my cupboards with nostalgia!  Bring back more vintage packaging please! x

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Collecting - movies

Once upon a time I had another cousin, his name was Tony and he was the oldest of all my cousins.  Sadly he died way too young from life-long diabetes & we all miss him still.  One of the things that Tony loved was movies, something that I too have loved for as long as I can remember.

Tony bought videos (and taped favourite films from the television) and had a huge collection of films and was always generous enough to bring over ones he thought I'd enjoy to watch together.  He certainly broadened my movie horizons at a young age getting me to watch fun films I probably wouldn't have been able to.

It was the day of movie-rental shops back then & while we had a video player (we started with a Betamax, remember them???) I didn't have enough pocket-money to buy films for myself until my teens (Ferris Bueller was my first purchase & is still an all-time favourite) so Tony's sharing was a gift.

Being the age I was, I was determined that one day I would have more films than Tony, he certainly had a couple of hundred.  Over the years whenever I could afford to, I bought many videos, always films I'd either seen at the pictures, or I was sure I'd enjoy.  I soon built up a huge collection, then DVDs came along!  I started at first only buying new films on dvd, but it soon became clear I'd have to start replacing my films.

Now, I still haven't replaced everything, but whenever I see a film VERY cheaply that I haven't replaced, & have some pocket-money, I do so.  I don't buy many these days, being much more selective, and sensible (I don't smoke, don't really drink & don't have kids, or other things that would take my 'pocket money' so why not from time to time I say).

These rows are actually two deep...


tv series

I like to think that Tony would be proud, I now have over 600 (Yikes, that IS alot!) movies & tv series, and that does include Hubby's too, and yep, I'm running out of room! And now you know the secret of our movie nights - but it's still hard to decide what you want to watch! :D x

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Independent Shops - part 1

It's a known fact that, sadly, the high street is disappearing - that independent shops that we love are becoming fewer and fewer, with more empty shop fronts and more generic brand-name stores moving in.

In Leicester there are still a few shops that have lasted the test of time, and I hope, continue to do so.

On Silver Street are two such gems:

The Very Bazaar is a shop I've loved to frequent now for over 20 years, and still do. As it's name suggests it's an electic mix, a shop that evokes the far east with it's colours and fabrics, definitely an Aladdin's cave. 

Divided into two sections, one is full of beautiful jewellery, gifts, cushions and some clothes; the other side is more 'new age' & full of incense, scarves, lanterns, henna and more hippy-related paraphenalia.  As a young girl my friends and I would always find each other birthday presents in there; these days I still shop there & many a present (and those lovely incense sticks I mentioned recently) has come from The Very Bazaar...

Almost opposite is Voodoo, a clothing shop - full of funky dresses, skirts, tops and fab rock'n'roll tees, mostly independent labels.  Again, as a teen I would shop there when with my friends, and these days I buy the funky t-shirts for my nieces...

Long may you both reign! And well worth a visit if you're ever in Leicester. x

Friday, 22 June 2012

1st Birthday!

Today our gorgeous puppy is 1 year old!  It only seems like yesterday we got him, rather than 7 months ago, and now we can't imagine life without him.

Here's his mum, Briarly, with him & his siblings last June...

How cute! He has her eyes.  Happy Birthday Dusty


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Little Gift

My good (work) friend's birthday was last week, and sometimes I find it difficult to know what to get - will it be something they like? I like to get gifts that will be used & reused, enjoyed, and not become clutter.

So this time I prepared a little gift for her, a handmade purse filled with pampering goodies & a mini perfume, a deliciously scented soap and one of my lavender sachets...

Finders cleanser & moisturiser; Origins ginzing eye cream; Aveda tourmaline refiner & smooth infusion hair treat;
Givenchy Amarige perfume; thebathhouse Fig soap

Quite a simple gift really, but she loved it :D

The mini pampering gifts are easier to find these days, I get mine a few ways - sometimes I buy them from Boots who have a great mini "travel" section; sometimes you get a "free gift" with purchase which are usually travel-size, and occasionally most beauty counters are happy to give you samples if you ask them nicely especially when you're genuinely looking to find yourself a new shampoo, face cream, foundation, etc (I so often am!).  I'm also an Aveda points card-holder & when I buy my products they'll usually give you samples to try - hurrah! x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

LP to go

Hubby has been wanting one of the new portable record players for a loooong time now, but until recently they were only really available in the US.  They finally became available over here, at a reasonable price, so he saved his pennies & ordered one.  Only to then be told each month it'd been delayed (again and again and again)!

It finally came last week, he was soooo happy!

LP 2 GO Ultra-Portable USB Turntable

Whilst it hasn't got the best speaker it can be plugged into external speakers; the only other small issue is that you have to lift the needle yourself, which can be a problem if you're not careful.  But other than that he's one happy Hubby. x

In the UK it can be ordered from play.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Velvet jackets

I've always loved jackets, whether with jeans or with dresses, but over the years my collection of them has dwindled to a couple, until recently that is.

First was that raspberry coloured one I found in Suffolk; now I've found a men's dark chocolate one in a vintage store, and then a navy one on ebay (yes I know, navy shows up everything :D) & then a milk chocolate one (for only £2.99!!) that is the same design as the navy one :)...




I always either wash or dry clean vintage clothing, so can't wait to get these cleaned so I can start to enjoy them :)

What piece of clothing do you love? x

Monday, 18 June 2012

Weekend - cosmetics, paintings & a deer

With the Euro 2012 football going on for the past 10 days or so, the weekend's have been somewhat quieter for us (Hubby LOVES his football).  Friday though was my massage & facial (sooo relaxing) and I managed to get a little shopping in too.

I'm already a fan of some of Bobbi Brown's cosmetics and I found these delicious items, High Shimmer Gloss in Pink Sequin and Sparkle Eyeshadow in Mica. 

I find it hard to resist anything glittery, and these are what I'd call "grown up glitter", they are glittery, but it's very subtle when it's on.  The lipgloss is silky rather than sticky so it's kissable (hurrah!) and the eyeshadow can be built up if you want more coverage, but I think I'll use it either on it's own or over the top of a matte one for a bit of sparkle.

We also stocked up on our favourite incense, this make (Stamford) is my favourite as you can really smell the flavours (rose is my fave)

As Hubby was out late with his friends on Friday (England were playing footy) we had a later start on Saturday, and after a lovely walk together with Dusty...

during which I saw an elusive deer (!!! amazing where we live) who quickly lept away before I could snap a photo :( here's hoping I'll see it again;

we did a bit of charity shopping, and I came away with some great finds!  This cute vintage embroidered brooch...

and a couple of pictures (£6 in total, I just love charity shops!)...

this first one is so lovely, an oil painting, and full of life, I can feel the wind blowing those trees

and this one of birdies (has a bit of a Vernon Ward-look about it)

Sunday was another lazy day, of visiting Dad's for father's day, and more football! How was your weekend? x

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day


you're amazing, I couldn't ask for a better Dad, you're kind, sweet, funny, always there for me and so much more, I love you...


you and me


Happy Father's Day. x

Friday, 15 June 2012

Nostalgic treats

This week we've had a few nostalgic treats...

Jelly & Angel Delight - pretty & delicious (& low fat)

lime & strawberry; raspberry & chocolate - YUM

It was someone's birthday in the office & they brought in a bag of sweeties, I found these, and they transported me straight back to childhood!

One of my schoolfriends lived around the corner from school, and on those odd days when I'd go to her house, we used to make a stop-off at the local corner shop which had a counter full of 'penny sweets' - literally, back then (in the late 80's) you could get sweets for a penny or even a halfpenny (when they still existed).

We'd stock up on a selection of creamy white chocolate mice, jazzies (chocolate buttons covered in hundreds & thousands), parma violets (above), dib dabs, refreshers, black jacks, fruit salads, aniseed balls, pear drops and space dust. Just 10 pence could go a loooong way back then (it was also the cost of a phone-box phonecall) - not sure you'd get anything for it now!

instructions are needed when youre in a workplace!

Hubby's colleague also had a birthday, and as it was a special one (65) he brought in a wonderful buffet for them all. He makes an amazing tuna pie which he kindly gives Hubby some of each time, and he made sure that Hubby got the leftovers, so that was our tea...

It's delicious, full of peppers & spices. What a nice man.

I'm off later for a Clarins massage & facial, can't wait! Enjoy your weekends lovelies. x

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Vintage advertising - Painkillers

More, somewhat bizarre, vintage magazine ads, this time for painkillers and medicines...

Yes, ladies, that's right, war won't wait on "woman's weakness" (!!)

"such comfort" "freedom from pain"

Vincent's APC apparently cures a myriad of things - not sure about the "four horses jumping in unison" reference though ???

Hmmm, Summer headaches - reach for Vincents again

Ah, they knew penguins were cute even back in the 40s, not sure about the name of the product though!

And these just take the biscuit, I use Andrews salts myself, but certainly not for "inner cleanliness" (indigestion more like!)

soooo funny!

Hmm, so all you have to do to stay young and attractive as long as possible is to take magic liver salts!  Woo Hoo! x

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Vintage photo frame

On one of our trips to Suffolk I bought a cute 1930s wooden deco-style photo frame, it only had its original curved glass one side, but it is lovely.  And I finally have a photo and a place for it...

It's a great photo of my parents, in their courting days on a family trip to Land's End (and one of my most favourite photos of them); and it's now sitting on top of our chinoserie bookcase, it looks like it was made for it.  It's actually a reversible frame, so I just need to find another photo for the other side - perhaps... x

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

To wallpaper or not to ...

Ah, the eternal question, to wallpaper or just paint?  We have sooo much still to do decorating-wise in our house, the biggest expanse is certainly the hall and landings.  I lean towards the wallpaper as it's more original to our house and I recently came across some lovely Victorian-inspired wallpaper from the Little Greene Paint Co, based on some original design found in an abbey.

I got samples in several colours, but I like this one the most, it seems the most Victorian somehow,

Bayham abbey in Citrine
and as the hallway is rather dark...

(I've photoshopped the wall above with the corresponding paint)

they also do it in light gold (which is my second favourite, but perhaps not as hard-wearing)

this is one of the other colours, but feels too 'cold' for the areas

Dusty helping me pick paint colours :)

Now, we just need to find a decorator who won't charge an arm & a leg! x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Unexpected Poetry

I love finding poetry & quotes in unexpected places.  In the past it's been on buses, or the tube, earlier in the year it was amongst a woodland in Harrogate, this time it was on the outside of someone's front door and garage...

fabulous! x