Monday, 21 January 2013

My to-do-list for this year, and what was accomplished last year

So you may have noticed that I've updated my 'To Do' page for this year.  If not, here's a quick update on what I managed from 2012's list, and the new additions for 2013...

2012 list - Ok, so once again, not many accomplished, but I’ve spent lots of lovely breaks in Suffolk with Hubby & Dusty, and time just seems to fly by.

2.  Have more mother/daughter days - Managed a few whilst Mum in country!  To be continued.
4.  Go bowling - Received bowling vouchers from friend for Christmas so def soon J
6.  Discover new bands
      January - Emmy the Great, The Like
      August – MANY (see Summer Sundae posts) inc. Dan Mangan, Twilight Sad, etc
      December - Elizabeth and the Catapult (thanks to Anne Hathaway for this one)
7.  Teach the dog to stay, heel, leave… JGot the stay, wait, leave it (for the most part), just need the heel & come back! Since getting a harness to stop pulling, the heel is getting there J
8.  Make a handbag - Tote bags made, but a proper handbag still needs making!
10. Go to Renegade London - For the second year in a row, lack of funds meant no visit L
11. Get new glasses!  - Done, finally!
12. Brush up on my school-girl French - Started by using the vintage “teach yourself French” records found
19. Stay up all night staring stargazing - Ok, so it was by myself rather than with Hubby as planned, but made the most of it (heard an owl ALL night long & some odd nature noises)
23. See more of Great Britain
      February – Brighton
      March – Harrogate, York
      September – much more of Suffolk
25. Paint & draw - Started carrying a little notebook & sketching as the mood takes; just need to paint now
33. Leave 10 anonymous, positive messages - started leaving some at work
42. Go roller skating - Tried and failed on first attempt – they didn’t have any skates in my size! L Trying to find a cheap pair ever since (appears to be difficult!)

So, on to 2013 and some new additions ...

1.      Take many more long (dog) hikes when in Suffolk
2.      Make cute pj bottoms
3.      Teach the dog to come back! (near-on impossible)
4.      Decorate the hall and landings
5.      Buy a giant map canvas for wall & add pins showing all places visited
6.      Make some lino-print cards
7.      Paint a canvas
8.      Paint the ensuite shower room
9.      Buy a silkscreen and print my own fabric
10.  Point up the house where needed with lime mortar (eek!)
11.  Get custom-made bookshelves built
12.  Go to a Christmas market (yes, I have some time to wait J )
13.  Give away those clothes I haven’t worn in over a year & am unlikely to
14.  Carve a pumpkin for Halloween (haven't done this for years)
15.  Go late night shopping
16.  Make personalised fortune cookies (felt or real)
17.  Buy new shoes (believe it not this is actually a big thing for me as I find it really hard to find ones I love that fit)
18.  Get television mounted to wall so room can finally be organised
19.  Get inherited armchair re-covered

There's then quite a few that once more have been carried over,and some which I've classed as continued self-improvement:
See more of Great Britain
Once a month, cook something new
Spend more quality time with parents
Leave 10 anonymous, positive messages
Learn to say no and not feel guilty!
Don’t beat self up when can’t do everything!
Continuing to discover new bands
Have more mother/daughter days
Have proper date nights (concerts, trips, dinner, etc) at least once a month



  1. Love these ideas! Sounds like you definitely made a dent in your old list and have some great additions! I like the idea of making pajama pants, that shouldn't be too hard and fun!


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