Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Vintage photos - part 6

More vintage photos of my family, this time relating to war...

One of my Dad's relatives, in his World War One uniform

Then we go to WWII, and this fellow is related to the man above (can't remember if it's his son, or his nephew)

These two young chaps are from my mum's side

as are these fellow, who I believe are relations who moved to Canada (all looking very smart)

My Poppa's (mum's father) WWII Identify Card from 1943 - I've mentioned him before in my Wartime Farm post, as he was one of the men who was asked to stay at home and farm for England

and his wife, my Grandma, with my Mum as a baby in 1941

My Dad and his sister and cousins, in the 40's

and finally, again mentioned briefly in my Wartime Farm post, my Dad's father, who again, was asked to stay in England and continue in the war effort - he was an engineer.  I love this picture, taken during the war, and it's a great example of women in the war effort, as this engineering factory only has 16 men left!  My Grandfather is in the white coat, bottom centre, on the left.


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