Thursday, 28 February 2013

Vintage cards

My Grandma kept some of the greeting cards from her mother, and ones that she & my Poppa sent each other during their courtship and marriage.  They're beautiful cards, with such wonderful sentiment, and it warms my heart to look at them and read them.

From my Great grandmother to my Grandma, post-card style card

The next two are from my Poppa, addressed to my Grandma before she married, so are pre-1936, and are post-card style...

Then one from my Grandma to my Poppa, from his "loving wife"

and a couple of Christmas cards - which are beautiful, but rather un-Christmassy

They don't make cards like they used to :) x

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pretty bits & bobs

Another month gone by, lots of fun weekend movie nights, and sadly some illness on my part.  At the weekend I rediscovered some fab vintage bits and bobs that were my Grandma's, and so colourful ready for Spring ...

this seed packet still has the seeds in

pretty Springtime card

my Mum made this card when she was a little girl, for her Mother on Mothering Sunday

and whilst I was scanning in these lovelies, my Mum painted this for me and posted it from their South American cruise.  It's so pretty, and as my Mum doesn't draw or paint (at least not since I can remember) it's extra special x