Things that make me happy

Things that make me happy (in no particular order, except number 1 x)

1.  Hubby
2.  snow, snow, snow

3.  animals (especially horses, cats, birds)
4.  ‘dreamy’ film/tv (eg gilmore girls)
5.  holidays
6.  the beach
7.  fresh, crisp, sunny days
8.  fresh bedlinen
9.  Christmas (everything about it!)

10.  the theatre
11.  Autumn 

12.  yummy bathstuff & cosmetics
13.  museums
14.  my parents (most of the time J)
15.  the countryside

16.  making our house a home (VERY slowly)
17.  beautiful things
18.  vintage, vintage, vintage:
       films, lace, accessories, embroidery, jewellery, postcards & emphmera, photos, crystal, buckles, jars, vases, fans, parasols, beehive honey pots, maps, fabric, books, eiderdowns, vanity, travel posters, books & music
19.  water (sea, brooks, lakes, waterfalls)

20.  peace & quiet

21.  crafting

22.  new magazines
    Country Homes & Interiors

23.  acorns & conkers
24.  velvet & silk (colours & texture)
25.  orchids

26.  Long walks with hubby
27.  knowing someone’s reading my blog, hopefully enjoying it, & making new friends through it J


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