Places I’ve visited during my lifetime either with parents or with hubby (in no particular order)


I especially love the US and way back in 1995 hubby (when he was BF) and I spent 5 weeks travelling via Amtrak around the states so the first list below is the route we took

New York (visited again many times since)


Salem, Mass


Washington DC

New Orleans


Las Vegas (to surprise our friends who were getting married)

LA (fab journey up the coast to…)

San Franscisco (LOVE the city, been back once since)


Chicago (our all time favourite city)

New York (and then home once again)

Also been to…


Orlando (several times with family)


Kauai (GORGEOUS, would love to go back & see more islands)

Florida Keys


Austria (LOVE snow & great scenery)

Crete (school trip, love the classics)

France – Paris

Ireland – Dublin & Thomastown, Co Kilkenny (during filming of Widow’s Peak)

Northern Ireland – Londonderry (visiting hubby’s sister) & Belfast (visiting my Godparents)

Italy – Sorrento (for our honeymoon xx)

Spain – various cities



Canary Islands:
Tenerife (many, many times)
Gran Canaria

Sicily (tour of whole island for birthday with my Mum)

Wales (regularly all my life)





Far East

Hong Kong (love this city, been twice, would love to go again)

Singapore (again, as Hong Kong, & FAB street food)

Japan – Tokyo (only couple of days on way back from Oz, LOVE it - MUST go again & see rest of country)


Sydney (LOVE this city, on a par with our love of Chicago)

Brisbane (to visit brother who was studying there at time)

Cairns (great barrier reef – wow)

Have lots of family (on Dad’s side) over in Oz especially in Perth area, and so much we didn’t get to see of this amazing country, so really want to go back one day (when we can afford it!!!)



The Gambia (used to go here a lot as a teenager as parents had a timeshare – fascinating as was not touristy at all then)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Travel Wish List (in no particular order)

Egypt – I am a nut for history, especially anything Egyptian (probably all those Agatha Christie books I was brought up on!)

Cambodia – Ankor, Ankor, Ankor

Finland – see the Northern Lights and husky sledge

Ice Hotel – any of them

Mexico – brother lived in Oaxaca for a while & loved it there (would love to go for Day of the Dead)

Machu Pichu

Estonia – my late Uncle was Estonian, sent to England when Stalin invaded & couldn’t return until the country was ‘opened up’, in the 90s I think!

South Africa – especially for hubby

Japan – Mount Fuji & see more of this country

New Zealand

Australia – see more of this country

Russia – St Basil’s in the snow

Italy – the lakes; tuscany

Bora Bora

Canada – from one side to the other (including PEI as HUGE fan of Anne of Green Gables)

USA – pretty much anywhere I haven’t yet been

And many more

Where have you been and where do you really want to go to ?

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